Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ commitment is to provide a world-class service that is sustainable and which aims to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations. We are committed to continually improving our green policies and will work to reduce our consumption of gas, electricity, water and other materials.

Our Joint Committee is responsible for the approval and adoption of the Environmental Policy and statement and the monitoring and review of the work relating to the policy. Our Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2015-2018 clearly articulates TWAM's commitment to improving sustainability and in particular to reduce energy consumption.

The Director is fully committed to supporting the green campaign and champions green issues including setting a corporate objective in the organisation’s operational plan. The Head of Finance, Governance and Resources chairs the TWAM Energy Reduction Group and allocation of capital resources is ring-fenced for ‘invest to save’ initiatives.

The Senior Management Team takes the lead on environmental performance, awareness and engagement activities for TWAM. Managers throughout the organisation are committed to improving the physical infrastructure and environmental management of their individual venues, and minimising the environmental impact of services they provide.

Staff are encouraged to participate in green polices and are kept up to date with green initiatives and activities through:

  • Staff newsletter
  • Quick tip emails about energy saving and recycling
  • Minutes of the Energy Reduction Group

TWAM has achieved the Julie’s Bicycle certification programme Industry Green Standard, which acknowledges its environmentally responsible business practices, and its commitment to ongoing improvement.

The Industry Green (IG) Standard is the environmental certification scheme managed by Julie’s Bicycle which provides an audit report of environmental performance covering energy, waste, water and travel.

The four core Industry Green criteria are:

  • Commitment
  • Understanding
  • Improvement
  • Communication